[PostFinance] What does mean «Status 92 - Payment uncertain»?

A payment is assigned the status “92 - Payment uncertain” when the communication between the acquirer and PostFinance was interrupted before PostFinance has actually received the transaction response.
In this case, the transaction may either have been accepted, rejected or not even have been processed at all by the acquirer.
Should a transaction have the status “92 - Payment uncertain”, PostFinance will contact the acquirer, take the necessary actions to provide the correct status for this payment, and update the back-office accordingly. We will contact the acquirer within 1 working day.
We strongly urge you to desist from reprocessing any transaction in status 92, as this could result in a double payment.
In the test environment, simulated status “92 - Payment uncertain” transactions will automatically be updated to status “9 - Payment requested” after a while.