[PostFinance] How to cancel an authorisation?

Whenever a transaction is authorised, it means the acquirer is reserving a specific monetary amount on the cardholder’s card account to be paid to the merchant when the payment is requested. Although our platform allows you to cancel an authorisation, not all acquirers support this type of operation.
In order to cancel an authorisation, you need to :

  1. Log into your account’s back-office
  • Go to “OPERATIONS”
  • Click on “View transactions”
  • Enter the required search criteria to find the transaction, then click on “Show list”
  • Click the Pay ID button in the first column
  • Click on the “Cancel authorization” button at the bottom of the order details page. (If the button is not immediately visible, click on “Advanced”)

If your acquirer does not permit authorisations to be cancelled via our system and you do not wish to proceed further with the transaction, two options are available to you:

  • You can contact your acquirer and request the authorisation to be cancelled manually in the acquirer’s system.
  • You can simply wait for the authorisation to expire.