[PostFinance] Is there a maximum amount allowed per transaction?

In general, as long as there is enough money on the cardholder’s credit card, a transaction should not be declined due to a large monetary value. In some specific cases, however, your acquirer might have set up a maximum-amount-per-transaction policy to avoid fraudulent transactions.
To attain a positive authorisation when an authorisation has been declined due to an excessive transaction amount, please contact your acquirer to obtain an authorisation code that you insert manually into your PostFinance account.
To enter an authorisation code manually, call up “Operations”, “View Transactions”, select the right PayID in the list displayed for the required date, click on the PayID, then click on the “Advanced” button and enter the authorisation provided by the acquirer into the field next to “Manual authorisation code”.
Please note that you, too, can set up a maximum transaction amount by configuring the “Filter” section in the “Fraud Detection Module” menu.
For further information regarding the “Fraud Detection Module” option, please refer to our documentation.