[PostFinance] How can I cancel a payment?

A payment cancellation is the action of cancelling a payment request made to an acquirer. The cancellation of a transaction implies that the money is never actually withdrawn from the customer’s bank account (neither debit nor credit performed on the customer’s bank account). With some acquirers a refund is requested instead.
It is therefore important to know that a payment cancellation can only be performed on the same day as the payment was requested. Should the customer change his/her mind after this deadline has expired, it will be necessary to perform a refund to return the money. This action is only possible if your subscription type allows it.
In order to perform a payment cancellation, you need to:

  1. Log into your account’s back-office
  • Go to “OPERATIONS”
  • Click on “View transactions”
  • Enter the required search criteria to find the transaction to be cancelled, then click on “Show list”
  • In the first column, click on the Pay ID button corresponding to the relevant transaction
  • Click on “Cancel Payment” beneath “Maintenance transactions” at the bottom of the page and confirm. (If the button is not immediately visible, click on “Advanced”)