[PostFinance] What is a 'user for API'?

An API user is a user specifically designed to be used by an application to make automatic requests to the payment platform (automatic file upload/download, direct payment requests, queries etc.).
The API user’s password does not have to be changed on a regular basis; this is more convenient when the password has to be hard coded into your application. For security reasons, however, we are unable to grant such users access to the administration module.
The API user must be configured with the profile “Admin” in the User Management page.
The following parameters are sent in the server request :
USERID: the API user
PSWD: the API user’s password.
If you have lost the API user’s password, you can click on ‘Send new password’ under ‘Users’ in your account. A mail will be sent to the user’s email address with a new password, thereby invalidating any old password.