[PostFinance] What are the different user profiles in the User Manager?

  • Viewer: a user who is able to display transactions, but not able to generate transactions himself (this profile is often used for accountants).
  • Encoder: a user who is able to create new transactions (via the e-terminal option > ‘new transaction’ link in the menu).
  • Super-encoder: a user who is able to encode transactions, perform maintenance operations on the transactions (e.g. delete an authorisation, refund a transaction) and upload files.
  • Super-encoder without refund: the Super-encoder without refund has the same access rights as the Super-encoder, except he is not able to perform refunds or cancel authorisations. This profile allows you to grant permission to perform data captures only, but not to perform refunds or delete payments.
  • Admin without User Manager: The Admin without user manager has the same access rights as the Admin, except he does not have access to the User Manager option.
  • Admin: An Admin has full access rights. Each time an account is created, a default user is automatically generated as well (the UserID of thisdefault user is identical to the PSPID); this default user has an Admin profile. You can naturally also create other Admin users. An Admin user is the only user who has the permissions to change the configuration of the account.
  • Helpdesk Admin: The Helpdesk admin only has access to the User Management page in the account. See Appendix 1 of the “User Manager option manual” for an overview of the user permissions for the different profiles.