[PostFinance] How to setup my «SHA-OUT pass phrase»?

Some functions of the merchant interface work incorrectly with the Google Chrome’s password manager because of low professional skills of the merchant interface developers.
Particularly, the merchant interface can show a wrong value (your merchant interface password) for the «SHA-IN pass phrase» «SHA-OUT pass phrase» fields.
Please use another browser (not Chromium-based, e.g., Mozilla Firefox) for the merchant interface, and do not use your browser’s password manager at all for the merchant interface website.

Part 1

Log in to the merchant interface, and then:

  1. Select the «Configuration» item from the top menu.
  • Select the «Technical information» item from the top submenu.
  • Select the «Transaction feedback» item from the 3-rd level submenu.
  • Scroll the page down to the «Security for request parameters» section.

Part 2

  • Locate the «SHA-OUT pass phrase» text field.
  • To see the current value, press the «VISIBLE» button.
  • To change the value, enter a new value.

Part 3

Press the SAVE» button at the bottom of the page:

Part 4

Set the same «SHA-OUT pass phrase» value to the PostFinance’s settings section of your Magento 2 backend:

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