[QIWI Wallet] How to setup my webhook password («пароль оповещений»)?

Log in to your QIWI Wallet merchant interface, and then:

Step 1

Open the «Pull protocol settings» («Настройки Pull (REST) протокола») form.

Step 2

Press the «Change password» («Сменить пароль оповещения») button:

In English:

In Russian:

Step 3

A popup will be opened with your new (autogenerated) webhook password.
Copy it to clipboard and then paste it to the «QIWI Wallet» extension settings page of your Magento 2 backend.
Then press the «Подтвердить» button to apply the new password.

Step 4

Check the «Sign» («Подпись») checkbox, then press the «Save» («Сохранить») button:

In English:

In Russian: