How to integrate's Accept.js?

(Sadeesh Mani) #1

Hi Team, Direct Post: does not return nor receive a response at random
DPM is deprecated.

Accept.js is a modern implementation that doesn’t require a postback. With Accept.js, developers have control over the user experience without sending PCI data through their servers. Accept.js can be used like any other payment type in the Authorize.Net API. We strongly encourage new development using Accept.js instead of DPM, and developers with existing DPM implementations should consider moving to Accept.js.

Please, any one help with integrating Magento 2 “accept.js”.

We have faced issues like.

An order popped up today with the status “Pending” but payment method set to Authorize.Net Direct Post. A search through transactions and declines on did not show a transaction attempt. Mail logs show that an email was sent out to the customer.

Please, any one help with integrating Magento 2 “accept.js”.


(Dmitry Fedyuk) #2

I can integrate’s Accept.js on the terms of my custom payment gateway integration service.