[AlphaCommerceHub] What are the possible values of the `CVVResult` response field?

The documentation says nothing about it:

Parameter Name Type Format Mandatory Description
CVVResult Alpha O The result of the CVV check given by the provider


The following 2 responses contain "CVVResult": "M":

I guess that M means «Match», but what are the other possible values?

I have got a response from AlphaCommerceHub:

CVVResult is the value returned by the specific bank provider e.g. Westpac, or a bank in a different country may give different values.
Westpac return:

  • M = Match
  • N = Not Matched
  • P = Not Processed
  • S = Suspicious.

Alpha look to normalise the responses from different banks into one notation however it seems that normalised field is not being returned by Westpac so need to check that.