Why a `SuccessURL` response to a bank card payment does not contain the last 4 digits of the used bank card number? (even if «Tokenization Option» is enabled)

A SuccessURL response contains BIN (which means «Bank Identification Number»): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Payment_card_number#Structure
It is the leading six digits of the card number.
It identifies the issuer bank, not the used bank card.
All bank cards of the same bank have the same BIN.

So how should a customer identify / recognize / differentiate his bank cards of the same bank?

It is important in the following scenarios:

  1. For a repeated payment with a saved (previously used) bank card
  • For showing a payment’s details (in a customer account, in the Magento backend, in the email recepts, etc.).

Usually a payment service provider returns the last 4 digits of the used bank card number.
Why AlphaCommerceHub does not do it?

@Steve_Rivas this is not current functionality. Do ACH have a requirement to add it?

No, Steve did not required it, it is my own notice.
I have integrated 18 payment service providers with Magento 2, and all of them return the last digits for a bank card, because first digits do not allow the cardholder to distinguish his bank cards of the same issuer band and the same bank card network.