[AlphaCommerceHub] Does Westpac support other currencies besides `AUD` and `NZD` in the production mode?

Previously, I was told

The test merchant is going to Westpac test host which only supports AUD and NZD

So it is a limitation for the test mode only?

Usually a customer expects to be charged in the currency of the shop’s frontend, and he can be dissatisfied being charged in an unexpected AUD currency.

He can be dissatisfied, for example, because of unpredictable conversion rates. Of course, a conversion fee is usually small, but a lot of customers are not rationally-minded and they would be dissatisfied.
Some customers plan they purchases (and even use a prepaid virtual card with a concrete limited amount for a concrete purchase), and they can drop a payment just because on an extra unexpected dollar.

I have got a response from AlphaCommerceHub:

I do not know the exact list of currencies but all major currencies are supported.

First market for the plugin is Australia so AUD and NZD will be the major currencies.

And it will support more banks than Westpac in the backend. Westpac was configured for ease of use as they have a quite open test system