«can not initialize paypal (braintree)»

Hello again!
I’ve noticed that strange error started appearing on the checkout page since we have added your stripe plugin: “can not initialize paypal (braintree)”. It appears for a second and then disappears. It re-appears each time form is refreshed and disappears again. However, paypal payments work. Can you please help me fix this issue as well?

No, I will not fix issues in your Braintree module.
The issue is related to your «Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘addErrorMessage’ of undefined» Braintree bug.
I have fixed that bug for free yesterday, and now addErrorMessage works correctly, so now you see the message which was hidden because of the yesterday’s bug.

I understand, but we didn’t have this issue prior to installing your plugin.
Do you think that updating jQuery will solve this issue? Do you have a hint for me on how to solve this issue?

No. I will not do any consultations for free anymore.
The topic is closed.