[AlphaCommerceHub] Is a buyer really should be redirected to `MethodResult`.`RedirectUrl` on a `SuccessURL` response to a POLi Payments payment in the AlphaHPP case?

The POLi Payments documentation says:

The AlphaHub sends the merchant an OnlinePayment API response, containing the URL that the customer should be redirected to in order to proceed with the POLi transaction.


A SuccessURL response to a POLi Payments payment really contains a MethodResult.RedirectUrl like https://txn.apac.paywithpoli.com/?Token=<token>:

"MethodResult": {
	"RedirectUrl": "https://txn.apac.paywithpoli.com/?Token=4U4JRYc4y0VsUkOcF9knhUOTa4BDqMws"

But is a buyer really should be redirected to this URL in the AlphaHPP case?

It looks like AlphaHPP implements the full POLi Payments payment scenario itself, and it redirects the buyer to the https://txn.apac.paywithpoli.com/?Token=<token> URL itself before SuccessURL callback itself, is not it?

I have got 2 responses from AlphaCommerceHub:

The guide describes the direct api integration. We will need to update for the HP flow

The Poli guide describes the direct API integration.
It will need to be updated for the HPP integration.
As you have described the HPP takes care of the redirect to Poli.