[Stripe] «You passed an empty string for 'owner[name]'»

This happens after filing and submitting the fields

Screenshot here.

Stripe API returns a bad request.
https://api.stripe.com/v1/sources 400 (Bad Request)

mage2pro/core : 3.3.34
mage2pro/stripe: 2.4.11


Please advise.

Yes, I have reproduced it:

You passed an empty string for ‘owner[name]’. We assume empty values are an attempt to unset a parameter; however ‘owner[name]’ cannot be unset. You should remove ‘owner[name]’ from your request or supply a non-empty value.

Fixed in 2.5.0.

Hi Dmitry,

I updated the mage2pro/stripe to 2.5.0, i still get the error.
my magento version is 2.1.9.

Always prove your words with exact screenshots, URLs, and error messages in the textual format.

sorry my bad

mage2pro versions


You can learn what is URL in Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL

Hi Dmitry,

I’m sorry my bad, the update works, opened in another browser and incognito

thank you!

But your customers will not open your website «in another browser and incognito»!
You should:

  1. Always implement all the upgrading steps, including the static content deployment.