[AlphaCommerceHub] Is the «Inventor» value really correct for a `CancelReason` request? (maybe it should be «Inventory»)


(Dmitry Fedyuk) #1

The CancelReason request parameter is specified in the «API Integration Guide(Nov 2017)» → «API Reference» → «Request Message» documentation section:

Parameter Name Type Mandatory Description
CancelReason Alpha The reason why the order was cancelled Can be one of following:
  • Customer
  • Fraud
  • Inventor
  • Other

(Rónán Gallagher) #2

Yes that is a typo. It is correct in the offline API guide and must have been transposed incorrectly.

@Steve_Rivas can you correct

(Nathan Jemmett) #3

@dmitry_fedyuk @gallaron, this has been fixed up. thanks for highlighting