Can I get the re-installation service without paying for it?

We have installed the Stripe integration plugin on Magento 2 and hoping to get this to work with the Mageplaza Onestepcheckout plugin.

We initially had this installed however the payment method wasn’t showing which was fixed by yourselves earlier this month. However now looking closer, we are getting issues where the Stripe payment method isn’t being shown until an update is made in the cart, I.E. Upping the quantity on a product in the basket on the OSC page.

All other payment methods are shown fine initially except the Stripe method. Could we get any guidance on why this may be please and if there is a possible fix / workaround?

What is your website?

Username lindens
Password stagingsite

As I said at 2017-12-04 to @Liam_Webster, the re-installations are paid. So you can pay for this service, and I will install the extension again.

Hi Dmitry

Thanks - but why should we pay again when we paid initially, and the extension should work out of the box?

Because I have fixed your problem at 2017-12-04.
If your have broken something since then, I will not work for you for free.