[Chase Paymentech] What is a stored value program?

A stored value program allows you to offer your customers and employees a proprietary card pre-loaded with value for future purchases.
Although there are many different applications for stored value cards (Gift Card, Merchandise Return, Prepaid), they all share some common components:

  • Magnetic Stripe Cards - The merchant gives a consumer an electronic stored value card in exchange for a pre-payment. Typically, the card includes a magnetic stripe, the merchant’s name or logo and an account number.
  • Transaction Processing - The merchant can process stored value transactions from the point of sale. These transactions are delivered to Chase Paymentech’s authorization system for processing in real time. Account balances are maintained for all cards within our system.
  • Merchant Reporting – The merchant receives reporting that provides information about the transactions processed during a period of time and the outstanding balances of their cards.


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