«Unable to process binding “blockLoader: function (){return isLoading } Message: isLoading is not defined»


I am not able to checkout using stripe test card details by selecting prefill payment form with success(visa) sample data.

When I raised same question before, I was asked to solve js errors on checkout.
I am able to resolve few js and a knockout binding js issue still exists. And I am not sure if this knockout js causing stripe not to work. And knockout js issue is "Uncaught ReferenceError: Unable to process binding “blockLoader: function (){return isLoading } Message: isLoading is not defined”

I am stuck with testing using stripe. Would request your help in solving this issue on my staging website.

I am attaching screen shot of settings at back end and and front error for cart type.

As I have already said, you should fix all the JavaScript errors first:


We have solved all the errors, but there is only a single error that is left that needs to be solved

knockout.js:3012 Uncaught ReferenceError: Unable to process binding “blockLoader: function (){return isLoading }”
Message: isLoading is not defined

Do you think this is what is causing an issue with Stripe Module? Somehow we do not feel that this is linked to the process we are trying to execute. It would be highly helpful if you could point us to the right direction or if you can help us solve this as our engineers aren’t able to rectify this single js error.

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A customer’s registration is broken in staging.gothelist.com.
Fix your registration first.


You can use these details to login
username : test@test.com
password : Test@123

@Sachin_Bhave @Jay_Rao
Every page of your website is loading about 2 minutes for me.
So it will take 20 minutes of my working time just to make 10 page transitions.
I do not have so much time just for diagnostics.
Please make your website faster, then I will test it.

You can check our staging site now. It loads faster than earlier.

@Sachin_Bhave @Jay_Rao


I have reproduced your issue:


But you have 2 serious JavaScript errors on the checkout page:

  1. «Unexpected token N in JSON at position 1»
  2. «Uncaught ReferenceError: Unable to process binding “blockLoader: function (){return isLoading }”
    Message: isLoading is not defined


The both these errors are unrelated to the Stripe module, as you can see in their stack traces (see the screenshot above).


Also your website is using a very outdated version of the Stripe module: 1.9.1 (released at 2017-03-19).
Please upgrade the module to the latest 2.5.3 version (released at 2018-01-16).


If this checkout issue is too complex for you, then I can solve it myself.
It will cost $200 and will take 1 day.

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We have upgraded stripe module to 2.5.3 but still I receive same error saying test card details doesn’t match.

We want you to look into this issue on our staging site and help in solving this issue. We will be paying for your time. Please let me and Jay know how much time is required to solve this issue. I can provide access to my staging server once your payment is transfered.

The time is specified in the point 4 of my previous post in this topic.


How to make payment to you? Is there link to follow to make payment?

Here are points need to be fixed.

  1. Test card details should be working to test stripe on our staging.
  2. Would request to share changes done in code so that we implement them if same issue exists on our production.


Can we use this (below screen shot) to make payment for installation and support?


@Sachin_Bhave @Jay_Rao

I have sent you an invoice via PayPal:


Can you please send paypal invoice to this email id as@gothelist.com?

OK, I have resent it.

How did I fix the checkout issues in staging.gothelist.com?