How to submit a copyright infringement claim to Host Europe?

§ 3 Obligations of the Client

(3) The Client may not infringe statutory prohibitions, moral standards or the rights of third parties (copyright law, trademark law, rights to the name and data protection law etc.) through his use of his website or the banners that appear on the website.
In the event of any infringement of one of the aforementioned obligations, the Provider shall be entitled to suspend the provision of his services with immediate effect or to block access to the Client’s information.


§ 10 Indemnity

The Client undertakes to indemnify the Provider internally against any and all third-party claims that arise from unlawful or illegal activities of the Client and against material errors in the information provided by the Client. This shall apply in particular to infringements of copyright law, trademark law, data protection law and competition law and to breaches of §3 (8) of this contract.

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An example of my real copyright infringement notice to Host Europe.