I want to show Cardholder name and expiry date for saved card details on front end checkout

Hi @dmitry_fedyuk

Need help to show cardholder name and expiry date for saved card details on checkout.

I have tried to console log few variables from card.js to check if I am getting cardholder and expiry data.
initialize: function() {
this.cards = this.config(‘cards’);

It has only id and label as shown below under console

0: Object { id: “card_1BtDMCAlFlFFRd0PRaA7YF9S”, label: “···· 4242 (Visa)” }
1: Object { id: “card_1Bu2idAlFlFFRd0PpB2yk11M”, label: “···· 4242 (Visa)” }

Yes, Stripe holds carholder names and expiration dates of bank cards, and these data can be reteieved via the Stripe’s API alongside with the card brand and the last 4 digits of card numbers.

  • I can add this feature to my module for $100. It will take 1 day.
  • Please note that the last 4 digits of a bank card are random, so in the real world it is a rare event to meet a customer who has 2 different bank cards with the same last 4 digits.
  • If you have more feature request for the Stripe module of other modules then I can implement them together, it will be cheaper then to request them one-by-one.



Thanks for estimation.

I have attached screen shot for stripe data required for saved card.
Need Cardholder name, expiry date as a add-on feature.


Along with that, I also want to show selected stripe card data on step 3 checkout that is on review step before placing order. Need to show payment card details if new stripe card details are entered and also if saved stripe card is selected.
I am attaching screen shot of design below for reference.

Please let me know estimation and you comment for this.


I can implement all these features for $250.
It will take 2 days.
The only exception is the «Edit» links on your screenshot:


It is impossible to edit previously used bank card credentials: Stripe does not allow it.
It is possible to remove bank cards, though (unlink a given bank card from the customer’s account).
So I recommend to add the «Unlink» control instead of the «Edit» link.


I also recommend to add the same features to the customer’s account: provide an ability to a customer to view all his linked bank cards in his account, and to unlink some of them.
It will cost extra $300 and will take extra 2 days.