Which domain should I provide for testing?


(Mo Rahim) #1


I want to test it before making the payment. Now I am confused which domain I need to give you as there is two domain as it is a multi store. The backend domain (default) I am using to login will not be using the stripe but the other website domain will be using the stripe.

So my question do I need one licence or two and can i test it as I have not created the test as per your instruction just a direct link to the website.


(Dmitry Fedyuk) #3

You need separate licenses for each frontend domain, and you need to provide the frontend domains for testing.

(Mo Rahim) #4


I had someone tried to install on the Magento 2.2.4 and it is not working I cannot see this on the backend and my order pages gives an exception error. Is this compatible with this version.

I am happy to pay for the licence if it is working.


(Dmitry Fedyuk) #5

Yes, the extension is compatible with all Magento 2 versions.
I can install it myself for free, but after the payment for the extension.