The Square module has stopped working after changing the mode from «Authorize» to «Capture»

Hi, is it compatible with 2.3.2 version ?

we are getting this error when creating invoice

Firstly, you need to learn which module are you talking about.

Its for Magento Square Connect Module.

It was working after we change from “Authorize” to “Capture” in admin.

Can you please let me know what should we do to change it from Trial to License Version ? do we need to purchase it and then replace with any License Key Version ?

@ Asavadiya_Kashyap You need to buy the module’s license and then provide me the SSH access tp the website’s server, and I will solve the issue.

Sure, we are going to buy it now. also getting error for new customer,

Where should we send email for issue describe after purchase ?

You can describe it here.

We are getting this error for New Customer (Who is either not logged in or do not have any address saved in account).

I have attached log file here too of error.

error-mage2pro.log (2.8 KB)

As I clearly said before, you should buy the module first. Do not spam without buying the module.