Why the admin back-end not working in new setup?

Hello Sir,

I have setup a new Magento2.2.2.10. Everything is installing perfect but the admin dashboard can not viewing also the frontend css and luma icon not showing.

It could have different causes. Your information is not enough to prefer a single cause among all possible ones.

Thanks for your reply Dmitry Fedyuk.

Actually I have set up new Magento 2.3, but I am facing some errors in admin dashboard. i can not view the admin dashboard. Can you suggest me what can I do.
I have enclosed the screenshot. Please check once and let me know

Hi Dmitry Fedyuk,

Thanks for helping us !!

I am facing some issues if i setup new magento 2 or existing magento 2 project than i am finding the Blocked MiMi type css and js issue also viewing the front-end and back-end without css and js also i have set the .htaccess file in pub static folder.

Harish G

I got the solution use this url : https://magento.stackexchange.com/questions/252188/magento-2-2-7-admin-panel-blank-page . if anyone need than use it.