RE: [iPay88] The available payment options for Malaysia


I’m looking for someone who can integrate iPay88 to a Magento 2.4.1 site.

How much do you charge?


An installation of my iPay88 module would take 1-4 hours.
You can hire me in Upwork:

Hi Dmitry, are you selling your code?

I am working for a client who due to an NDA is unable to disclose his website information to anyone including myself.

The client wants to purchase the code files and attempt to do installation himself.

How much do you charge for this?

Create a fixed-priced project in Upwork with the title: «A purchase of the iPay88 module for Magento 2».
Add the «Magento» tag to the project.
And then invite me to it.


In case we require installation services in the future, how much do you charge?

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