How do I run Elasticsearch 7 and 8 simultaneously on Windows (for different Magento versions)?

Step 1

I installed Elasticsearch 8.5 to the C:\server\elasticsearch\8.5.3 folder and registered it as a Windows service.
Follow the article How do I install Elasticsearch 8.5 to Windows?

Step 2

I installed Elasticsearch 7 to an adjacent folder (C:\server\elasticsearch\7.17.6).
Follow the steps 1, 2, 4 from the article How do I install Elasticsearch 7.17.6 to Windows?

Step 3

I wrote at the begiinning of the C:\server\elasticsearch\7.17.6\bin\elasticsearch.bat file:

set ES_HOME=C:\server\elasticsearch\7.17.6\
set ES_PATH_CONF=config

Step 4

I wrote to C:\server\elasticsearch\7.17.6\config\elasticsearch.yml:

bootstrap.memory_lock: false elasticsearch
http.port: 9201
indices.id_field_data.enabled: true true
node.ingest: true
node.master: true
node.max_local_storage_nodes: 1 DMITRII E:\server\elasticsearch\7.17.6
path.logs: C:\server\log\elasticsearch-7.17.6
transport.tcp.port: 9301
xpack.license.self_generated.type: basic false

Step 5

bin/magento config:set catalog/search/elasticsearch7_server_port 9201
bin/magento cache:clean
bin/magento indexer:reindex && bin/magento cache:clean

Step 6

cd C:\server\elasticsearch\7.17.6