Magento 2 adds white stripes while resizing a product image for a frontend product list (and my fix)

An original image has 300px width and 100px height:

Magento 2 changes its proportions for a frontend product view to 240px width and 300px height:

When Magento 2 needs to change an image’s proportions, it should made new areas transparent instead of white.

Hi, i’m also having this problem and i still stuck with this, so can any on knows how to do this, there is one this i have to do this in my custom phtml file with my custom images of categories.

The white color is set here:

You can set your own color as a temporary fix.
I recommend report the issue in GitHub.

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Hello @dmitry_fedyuk i have crop or keep ratio in custom .phtml file, and also i have to fix the image propotion in 200:200 so how should ?

Is there is any way to keep image background transparent ?