How to import customer passwords from a Magento 2 store to another one?

My password is MD5
but use CSV import to Magento2 can’t login.

What is the import’s source?

customerimport.txt (366 Bytes)
can’t upload .csv,
pls rename files

Sorry, I have enabled the CSV upload just now.
How is the file produced?

file is use Magento2 customer import sample file.
and i change email and password_hash Field.
customer (2).csv (570 Bytes)

:frowning: when i import customerimport.csv ,can’t Login to Magento2 Front… I think password_hash Field is wrong.
But in M1,can use MD5…
how use MD5 in Magento2?

Where do you find this “customer import sample file”?

Which module settings do you show?

Magento 2 (and Magento 1.x, except the oldest versions) versions add a salt to a password

Here is how a hash is generated:

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