If anybody from USA needs the Square Payments extension, then please register an account with API access for me

Square Inc. has launched a new ecommerce API 2 months ago:

Does anybody need it?
I plan to integrate this Square API with Magento 2, but unfortunately the API is opened only to USA accounts for now:

If you provide me a Square account with API access then I will give you my Square extension for free for one of your stores with one year free support.

Hey Dmitry, do you already have a working plugin?
I can provide you with access to the square API. Let me know.

The extension is released today.

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Hi, do you have a working Square extension for Magento 2.1.5?
Can we hire your installation services if so?

Yes, the extension is ready: Square Payments integration
Installation is a free service after the purchase.

Hi, we have installed the extension and enabled it on production mode.
When testing it shows the following error. Is this because we havent purchsaed it yet?

No, it is because you have made some errors in the installation.
I can support your installation only after the purchase.

Can you please share the payment link?

I have shared it yesterday: Square Payments integration

Purchase complete.
What information do you need so that you can complete the intallation on the site?

Thanks for the purchase.
Please provide me SSH access to your server, and I will install the extension in the proper way.

Thanks. Where should I email or send you the access credentials?

My email is is my forum profile, also you can use the forum’s private messages for sensitive information.

Thanks, I’ve sent them on a private message.
Please confirm.

Yes, I have received the credentials, and will install the extension now.
Do not do anything with the website until the installation is finished.
Usually it takes not more than 15 minutes.

I have installed the extension to your website: