Mage2.PRO free installation service


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The installation service is free for all the Mage2.PRO paid extensions, and for the AlphaCommerceHub free extension.

The installation service requires an SSH access to your website’s server.
There are 2 ways to provide the SSH access to me:

  1. Provide me an SSH login and password.

If you need to reinstall my previously successfully installed extension, then you can order my reinstallation service.

Mage2.PRO reinstallation service
«Facebook Login» single sign-on extension
«Price Format» extension
«Facebook Like & Share» extension
Moip integration
Robokassa integration
iPay88 integration
TBC Bank integration
Blackbaud NetCommunity integration
«Backend Login with Google Account» single sign-on extension
«Markdown Editor» extension
«Sales Documents Numeration» extension
Spryng integration
Ginger Payments integration
2Checkout integration
Omise integration
ING Kassa Compleet integration
歐付寶 O'Pay (allPay) integration
SecurePay integration
Square Payments integration
Paymill integration
Stripe integration
«Login with Amazon» single sign-on extension
I need your Microsoft Dynamics 365 module
How can I order the free installation service?
Please install the Stripe extension to
AlphaCommerceHub integration
Yandex.Kassa integration
If anybody from USA needs the Square Payments extension, then please register an account with API access for me
QIWI Wallet integration
PostFinance integration
Dragonpay integration
mage2pro/core 2.8.19 can break some backend pages
The Russian language package
«Price Format» extension
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