How to receive an invoice from Mage2.PRO for an extension purchase?

Hi Dmitry, that’s not exactly a valid invoice but just the payment information. As I’m working for a company, it’s a requirement a real invoice for purchases otherwise I’m not allowed to purchase it.

What is the difference between PayPal invoice and “valid invoice”?

This is an example of PayPal-generated invoice. Is it normal or not?

All right, perfect that seems to be ok for our administration team. We’ve paid right now.

Thanks for purchase the «SecurePay» Magento 2 extension.
Installation instruction is here: How to install a Mage2.PRO extension?
I have sent the credentials to the email address of your PayPal account.
I have not found the possibility to generate the invoice in PayPal for an already received payment (seems like PayPal allows to generate an invoice only for a future payment, not for an already received one), so I have generated the invoice in an online tool:
Invoice # 2016-10-13-01.pdf (15.0 KB)

Thanks for the invoice but we didn’t receive the email with the credentials. Can you please send me better that information directly to my email (

OK, I have recreated the acount for you and resent the letters.

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If anybody else needs an invoice, then I can generate it with
The PDF invoice above is generated with this service.