How to install a Mage2.PRO extension?

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Installation is a free service, so you can just ask me, and I install any my extension by myself.
If you prefer to install my extension by yourself, then follow the instruction below.

Step 1

Make sure your have Composer installed (e.g. type the composer command), and install it if it is absent.

All the following commands should be executed in the Magento 2 root folder!
You can check the current folder with the standard Unix pwd command.
See also: How to locate a Magento 2 installation folder on an unknown server?

Step 2

Add the extension’s package to the Magento 2 root composer.json file

Step 3

bin/magento setup:upgrade

Step 4

rm -rf pub/static/* && bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy <locale, e.g.: en_GB>

How to deploy the static files for a custom locale?

Step 5

rm -rf var/di var/generation generated/code && bin/magento setup:di:compile

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