How to workaround a «Segmentation failt» failure on «bin/magento setup:di:compile»?

The setup:di:compile Magento 2 console command sometimes can product a «Segmentation failt» failure:

Any «Segmentation failt» means a bug in the PHP interpreter itself, not in the interpreted PHP code.

So what can you do?

Method 1 (The simpliest)

You can evade the setup:di:compile usage at all by switching your Magento 2 installation to the developer mode:

Method 2. Use a more stable PHP interpreter version

At this moment, the «Segmentation failt» issues are usually encountered in some PHP 7 versions, e.g.

Try to use another PHP interpreter version.

Method 3. Try to remove the ionCube-encoded extensions

ionCube is a tool to obfuscate some PHP code.
Some developers use it to obfuscate their Magento extensions.
The obfuscated PHP code sometimes can break the setup:di:compile tool.