PayPal case (PP-005-635-536-531)


(Dmitry Fedyuk) #1

Step 1.

The buyer Jesper van den Bogaard has bought my software product («Sales Documents Numeration» extension for Magento 2) for the website.

Step 2.

I have granted him an access to the software repository and proposed him my free installation service.

Step 3.

The buyer initially accepted my free installation service and provided me an access to his server to install my software.

Step 4.

I begin to install my software, but buyer has suddenly blocked the access to his server for me using a firewall, so the installation was interrupted:

Step 5.

I have proposed another installation option to the buyer: to install my software himself using my publicly available official installation instruction:

Step 6.

The buyer has denied the official installation instruction: How to install Mage.PRO extensions without Composer (duplicate) and filed a claim to PayPal with the reason «Item is different from its description»:

My notes to the PayPal team:

  1. The «Item is different from its description» reason is wrong because the official installation instruction is publicly available before a purchase: How to install a Mage2.PRO extension?

(Dmitry Fedyuk) #2