PayPal integration

An alternative PayPal module you can get fast support and customizations for.
The module will be released when I will want so.

The source is on GitHub:

is your paypal module that you’re releasing next week going to use paypal API so users can use payments pro but not have to have payflow on their account?

Any word on this? Is it going to use the paypal api like magento 1.9? Also, I see it got moved to June now, instead of May release. Is this confirmed for June or will it be longer?

Of course, no.
I have the strict 2 weeks schedule only for my custom payment gateway integration service.
This PayPal extension is my own initiative, so I will release it when I want, and can do anything with it schedule.

we were looking to pay for a module but you moved our thread to this and didnt get back to us about if this was going to be using the paypal api like magento 1.9.

are you interested in building a paypal plugin that is going to use paypal api just like magento 1.9?