When will the «Cybersource» extension be released?

(Paal Soberg) #1

Hi Dmitry,

I hope you’re well. I’ve noticed that you’re developing a Cybersource module that’s due to be released 1st May CyberSource integration.

Any chance you have a beta version available for us to test? I’m working for Inviqa, one of the main Magento agencies in the UK - and we’re in discovery with a new large client that’s moving to Magento 2.

They are currently with Cybersource, so we’re setting up a demo for them and looking for a Cybersource module for it.

My email is psoberg@inviqa.com

Kind regards


(Dmitry Fedyuk) #3

The «Cybersource» extension will not be released 1st May, and I do not plan to release it in the near future because I have now more profitable projects.
If anybody wants the extension be released, he can get it by ordering my custom payment gateway integration service.