"Show the Decimals" checkbox in admin page can't be unchecked.

I want to try the extension, but “Show the Decimals” checkbox in admin page can’t be unchecked.

I support only the paying customers.
The triers are on self-service.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
So if I purchase the extension, this function should be working fine, right?

Yes, especially because I know the solution.
It is the same issue as here: Unable to uncheck the «Test Mode» checkbox, and it is already fixed.

Thanks for your reply.
You are so kind to tell me the solution, we will purchase the extension one or two days later.
Thanks for your great job.

Just upgrade the extension: How to upgrade a Mage2.PRO extension?

Thanks again :slight_smile:
Sorry I wasted your time :stuck_out_tongue:

So, there is the purchase?

Hello,Yeah,But there are some process need to be done in my company.
But we already decide to purchase, sorry for late.

And we will purchase with another account.

Thanks for the purchase, I have got it!
As I understand, your store is from Taiwan, so you also could be interested in my 歐付寶 allPay payment module.

Ok, no problem, we will purchase the payment module if we need it.
Thanks for the excellent work.