[PostFinance] Payment statuses

The table below summarises the possible statuses of the payments.

Statuses in 1 digit are ‘normal’ statuses:

  • 0 or 1 means the payment entry was not completed either because it is still underway or because interrupted or because a validation error prevented from confirming. If the cause is a validation error, an additional error code (*) (NCERROR) identifies the error.
  • 2 means the acquirer did not authorise the payment.
  • 5 means the acquirer authorised the payment.
  • 9 means the payment was captured.

Statuses in 2 digits corresponds either to ‘intermediary’ situations or to abnormal events.

When the second digit is:

  • 1, this means the payment processing is on hold.
  • 2, this means an error occurred during the communication with the acquirer. The result is therefore not determined. You must therefore call the acquirer’s helpdesk to find out the actual result of this transaction.
  • 3, this means the payment processing (capture or cancellation) was refused by the acquirer whilst the payment had been authorised beforehand. It can be due to a technical error or to the expiration of the autorisation. You must therefore call the acquirer’s helpdesk to find out the actual result of this transaction.
Statuses Explanations
0 Invalid or incomplete
1 Cancelled by customer
2 Authorisation declined
4 Order stored
40 Stored waiting external result
41 Waiting for client payment
46 Waiting authentication
5 Authorised
50 Authorized waiting external result
51 Authorisation waiting
52 Authorisation not known
55 Standby
56 OK with scheduled payments
57 Not OK with scheduled payments
59 Authoris. to be requested manually
6 Authorised and cancelled
61 Author. deletion waiting
62 Author. deletion uncertain
63 Author. deletion refused
64 Authorised and cancelled
7 Payment deleted
71 Payment deletion pending
72 Payment deletion uncertain
73 Payment deletion refused
74 Payment deleted
75 Deletion handled by merchant
8 Refund
81 Refund pending
82 Refund uncertain
83 Refund refused
84 Refund
85 Refund handled by merchant
9 Payment requested
91 Payment processing
92 Payment uncertain
93 Payment refused
94 Refund declined by the acquirer
95 Payment handled by merchant
96 Refund reversed
99 Being processed


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