[Square] When a card is declined there is no error message being displayed

When a card is declined, what error message is returned by the extension?
It seems that it only remains on the checkout and clears the card form.

When a card is declined there is no error message being displayed.
You can test with any dummy number, not necesarily a card, there is no error message returned, the form just gets cleared.
(Shouldnt the form validate MOD10 algorithm and the first numbers to see if the number is legit first)
Please check

Unfortunately, your website is completely unavailing again because of 20 instantly running PHP processes in background (I even it not capable to load the frontend home page), but when I cloned it to my local PC and updated the Square extension to the latest version, I am unable to reproduce your problem: the error messages are correctly shown to the customers, see the screenshot:

I have made some improvements to the Square extension today, so try to upgrade the extension to the latest version: it could solve your problem.

Hi, you can check on the site (is live not and running fast).
How do we upgrade the extension? (composer, replace folders, etc)

My previous post contains the link to the updating instruction twice.