«Class Dfe\IPay88\Method\Interceptor may not inherit from final class (Dfe\IPay88\Method)»

PHP Fatal error: Class Dfe\IPay88\Method\Interceptor may not inherit from final class (Dfe\IPay88\Method) in /generated/code/Dfe/IPay88/Method/Interceptor.php on line 7

Which website have you bought the license on my iPay88 extension for?

wibsite www.sinjune.com

Nobody paid me for this website. Use PayPal form in the primary topic to buy the license.

Ok. Thank you for your extension. If I will buy again licence, fatal error will gone?

Of course.

:joy: it’s magic

Of course. And if you will not buy the license, your hosting provider will get tomorrow a DMCA notice like these: https://mage2.pro/c/meta/piracy

Ok, my friend. I find out number of license and I hope you will fix your extension :wink:

Hi, can you please provide the license file for my site https://www.sinjune.com ? Thanks, your help is much appreciated.

Thanks again for the purchase!
You do not need any license files.
I have just fixed this issue in the 1.4.5 version of my iPay88 extension.
Just use the standard upgrading procedure to get the latest version installed.

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