I need the Giropay payment option in the Stripe extension

Hello is there a Giropay support? I know Stripe offers Giropay that’s why I am asking

It will be implemented when somebody will fund it.
It will cost $700 and will take 1 week.

Please note that Giropay is supported by my PostFinance (Switzerland) extension for Magento 2.
It is absent in my PostFinance’s payment menu just because it is not enabled for my test merchant account, but its support is declared in the payment method codes table.

Also Giropay provides its own integration with Magento 2.
I have not used it so I do not know whether it is good or not, which Magento 2 releases it supports, and whether Giropay provides a fast and reliable support for Magento 2 merchants or not.

If anybody needs, I can implement a custom full-featured direct integration with Giropay.