[Chase Paymentech Europe] «Dynamic Hosted Payments Page - Integration Guide»

The J.P. Morgan Dynamic Hosted Payments Page (DHPP) provides a secure mechanism for online merchants to process payment data.
DHPP allows merchants to provide card payment information from their customer’s browser directly to a J.P. Morgan secure page without passing it through the merchant’s server.
The DHPP page has the same look and feel of the merchant’s website, including the branding, making the process seamless for the customer and secure for the merchant.
DHPP may help to reduce merchant’s PCI compliance scope.

The Service is only available to merchants domiciled in Europe.

To assist merchant’s integration with the solution, J.P. Morgan has created a guide that provides details on how to integrate with DHPP and optionally take advantage of our Profile Management, Account Updater & Fraud Management Solutions.

Version 2.4.
[Chase Paymentech Europe] Dynamic Hosted Payments Page - Integration Guide, version 2.4.pdf (3.3 MB)


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