[Chase Paymentech Europe] «3-D Secure (3-DS) MPI Integration Guide»

A Merchant Server Plug-in (MPI) is a software module or service that is integrated into a merchant’s website.
It can be integrated directly into the merchant website as a software component or it may be hosted by a service provider or an acquirer.
It provides the interface between the 3-D Secure program and the merchant payment processing software.

The J.P. Morgan solutions are based on a Merchant Plug-In for 3-D Secure that supports both the Verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCode™ schemes and is provided as an external service in conjunction with Orbital® Gateway.

The Service is only available to merchants domiciled in Europe.

The integration guide below provides an overview of the J.P. Morgan MPI solution, general integration, testing and usage instructions.


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J.P. Morgan required to delete the integration guide :grinning:
So I deleted it.
I would recommend to use a modern payment processor like Stripe instead