How to reinstall a Mage2.PRO extension?

I am using square payment gateway on my magento2 website but it generate a ifrem for postal code as you can see in =my website

I want to know how can i unstalled from magento command and re installed a freshh code so its will be bugs free.
Please let me know exact module name so that i can run command like
php bin/magento module:disable [module_name]



  1. How to uninstall a Mage2.PRO extension?
  2. How to install a Mage2.PRO extension?

yes i want to uninstalled square payment extension. So please let me know module name for square payment gateway so that i can run command php bin/magento module:disable square

The instructions above do not say anything about bin/magento module:disable.
Learn the instructions again.
Every Indian who does not read the iunstructions will be banned on the 3-rd time, so you are warned.