Which loyalty program module (aheadWorks, Mirasvit, or Magestore) do you recommend?

Good afternoon Dmitry,
I am interested in your opinion on the security and quality of three different plugins. I need to make a choice between them, and evaluate which is best from a system admin’s perspective:


The marketing director at our company is very interested in the plugin by Aheadworks, but I am nervous to install it. Aheadworks code vulnerabilities were recently exploited by Magecart criminals to install malicious code on websites. Although Aheadworks claims that their software has been patched, it troubles me that they were susceptible.

In a perfect world, we could hire someone to build our own solution that fits exactly what we want to do, but it would be much more costly than a good module (assuming any of the three choices are of sufficient quality that we can rely on them).

If you have a strong opinion on any of them, I value your excellent input.

Best Regards,
Cory McHugh

I recommend the mentioned aheadWorks module or the Amasty’s module because:

  • They both have a good ecosystem of modules (modules from the same vendor are usually compatible with each other)
  • Mirasvit modules contain much more bugs in my experience.
  • The Magestore’s module is just unpopular: I have never seen it in my clients stores (and at the same time I saw 2 dozens of stores with the aheadWorks’s module and with the Amasty’s module).

If you have much time you can test all these 4 modules yourself: all these vendors provide a money-back guarantee.

Thank you Dmitry. We are going to end up using Aheadworks, and I will ensure that I keep the modules updated at a reasonable time frame. Have a great weekend.