I am from India and want to get support for a paid module without paying for it

after I upgraded to magento 2.3.2 the currency format extension save will not function to save the new setting

I tested it on multiple magento sites with php 7.1


What is your website’s URL?

I tested on any new installation
if you have installed magento version lower than 2.3.1 it has no issues
if you upgrade or do a clean installation changes in the configuration will not be saved
doesn’t matter what url is please check 2.3.2 at your own side


You need to buy the module’s license to get my support: https://mage2.pro/t/355

Your Module is not working for 2.3.2
when I downgrade to 2.3.1 it will be working
I just wanted to report it to you to fix it for the public and it is not myself only issue
all the 2.3.2 will be affected

THank you

All non-paying Indian pirates will be banned on my website, and you too, of course.