How do adapt the iPay88 module to Philippines?

We have a website and we need ipay88 as payment channel.

Have you tried your extension in PH context?


I can adapt my iPay88 module to Philippines for $300 (the adaptation cost).
Also, you should have a valid iPay88 module’s license for the website (you can buy it here).

Steps to do

  1. Request a test account from iPay88 for Philippines.
    My former (successful) requesting attempt for Malaysia is described here:
    But a similar requesting attempt for Philippines was ignored by iPay88 .
  2. Specify the following staging URL for this test account in the account request:
    They will ask also for the «Request URL» and «Response URL», but please tell them that these urls will be dynamic (iPay88 allows it)
  3. Provide me iPay88 testing credentials for Philippines.
  4. Buy the iPay88 module’s license.
  5. Hire me for the adaptation.
    You can pay the aaptation fee via PayPal (my account is or hire me via Upwork (then the cost will be 22.5% higher: $367). My Upwork account is mage2pro
  6. And then I will adapt my module to Philippines in 2 days.

@raiyencs Answered.

Also, I have implemented the Dragonpay payment module for Philippines.

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