How is the checkout authentication modal dialog implemented?


The «Go to Checkout» button in a Knocnkout template:

Its DOM identifier:

Creating the authenticationPopup UI component:

Its template:

Triggering the components’ initialization:

Creating a popup (it is invisible yet):

Assigning a handler to the «Go to Checkout» button’s click event:

The standard Magento 2 widget for the modal dialogs:

The «Create an Account» button:

It is just a link to the registration page:

The «Sign In» button:

It is a part of an authentication form:

Handling the form submission (on the «Sign In» button click):

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Sir This Code base not modal dialog box open
but,Checkout page redirect page and checkout page above part login id and password filed view
It is a not a proper solution
Please give me a right Solution

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Sorry Sir I want to open only modal dialog box
i dont learn any paypal services
please give me propar solution in dialog box

Amazing guide! Really great thanks!

Authentication popup shown only when guest checkout disabled.
Admin panel > Stores > Configuration > Sales > Checkout > Checkout options > Allow Guest Checkout > No.