«Amazon Payments» extension

The extension integrates your Magento 2 store with «Login and Pay with Amazon» service, which combines Amazon’s long-standing «Amazon Payments» service with its relatively new «Login with Amazon» service to form a new one-stop-shop integration for web payments.

The extension’s implementation is based on:

Login and Pay with Amazon is embedded directly into your existing website; all buyer interactions with Login and Pay with Amazon take place in embedded widgets, so that the buyer never leaves your site.


Extension settings.

When do you plan to release the Login and Pay with Amazon extension? Apologies if you have already, I can’t find any links to pay and download!

Currently I do not have a schedule for this extension because I have a lot of orders for other extensions. If somebody will need this extension, then he can finance it development by ordering my “custom gateway integration” service: Payment modules implementation

Thank you for the quick reply, from your previous posts in this extension page it looks at least like you have done some work on it :slight_smile: Happy to pay for the work, however - and I don’t want this to insult you in anyway as I’m sure for it’s a fair price for your time - my only reservation is once it’s ready then others can presumably buy it cheaper. How much do you plan to charge for licenses on this extension once you have it developed? This may affect when / if / how we purchase. Thanks.

The price would be near to my other extensions prices.

«Login with Amazon» single sign-on extension is released: https://mage2.pro/c/extensions/amazon-login

Dmitry, I bought the Login with Amazon extension but where to I get the Amazon Payments extension? or is it the same thing? I don’t see a paypal purchase option here.

It is not the same thing: my “Amazon Payments” extension is not released yet.

Hi, is there a time frame for the release?

Anybody can get it in the 2 weeks timeframe by ordering my custom payment gateway integration service.