Is the Stripe extension compatible with multi-shipping checkout?

This extension is compatible with multishipping Magento2 checkout?


Well… we have Stripe enabled as payment method, but it doesn’t appear in Payment page during Multishipping checkout

Should we change anything in backoffice?

Provide your website URL.

It is not public online yet

But we have zero problems with standard checkout, if that helps

I support only the paying customers.

Can you lead me to a payment page, so I can see your rates?

The payment form is just above the installation instruction, so it is unlikely that somebody can read the installation instruction without noticing the payment form.

Thanks for the purchase, I will investigate your problem.
Can you provide me an access to the problem server?

Ok, we are talking with hosting provider & give you feedback

As we are not responsible of that, and just to know… are there any alternatives if we couldn’t finally give you access? Maybe a tar.gz copy of project files & database, so you can work on it local?

If you are unable to give access to the production server, then try to reproduce it on a publicly available test server.

I have reproduced your issue and am working on it.

Ok. Thanks for the feedback

Please upgrade the Stripe extension to the latest version, it should fix your problem.
An example of a multishipping checkout with Stripe payment

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